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As education and being educated are the most important aspects on which overall growth of the society depends. A thinker’s forum decided to form an Educational Trust as a basic unit to ventilate their contributions to the arena by imparting different educational activity especially in technical and health sectors and accordingly, Ganapati Educational Trust took it’s enchanting birth on 2nd July 2009, getting it duly registered in the Govt. with it’s decided Board of Directors.

Objectively, the Trust aimed at educating boys/girls from socially and economically downtrodden, backward areas/sectors prioritizing SC, ST, OBC categories of population where talented produces lacked opportunity of getting the benefits of such education and continue status quo without getting due share of benefits of such education for their own maintenance/ sustenance and to contribute to the growth of social sector too. To escape them from the situation as prevailing, the Trust aimed to stand behind them with no profit motive.

The institute objectively aimed at running paramedical colleges to help curbing of health hazard through its trust Ganapati Educational trust with its dedicated trust members designated chaimen and director and other board members from different social and health sector especially.

The trust is a non-profit making organization broadly aiming at social benefits especially in health sector to produce highly technically skilled man power for different health checkups and to provide earning facilitied by way of providing/ arranging their jobs Govt. of Odisha / India and growing them up for their self earning scope.


The institute is situated 9 kms away from National Highway exists in Sector 9, in a magnificent five storeyed building having two way communication to state capital via Link Road and Naraj. Any time movements to the Institute available through train, bus, auto rickshaw.


Physiotherapy is not only to provide treatment of aforesaid alignment course training but also trains adequately to prevent their occurance in human body “as preventation is better than cure” by imparting ground informations to all the persions how to regulate the proper movement of bodies and their limbs by regular exercises over and above those are trapped in a disease. Therefore our mission is not only to take care of the already affected but also to strongly protect/prevent from their occurance.


Health hazard is the primary hazard in the sustenance and maintenance of most valuable human life. Human life cannot be disease free and diseases are multifold and come in different forms. Physiotherapy is a specific treatment as it names from “physio” means body complains like muscles, Joints and their extent of disabilities. Our mission is to provide specific treatment to such type of bodily impairment by sophisticated and to the point treatments. The institute dedicates to meet various socio economical challenges and is purely a no profit making organization.